Proctor pitching LCC into limelight

Proctor pitching LCC into limelight

The Lookout Sports Editor Brodee Gillam recently spoke with LCC sophomore softball pitcher Connor Proctor. The Fulton High School graduate finished last year with a 22-8 record. She had 43 strikeouts in nine appearances through April 5.


What athlete inspires you the most?

"My brother. He went and played college (baseball) and he was one of the players who didn't really play. But he always had a good attitude and was a good teammate to everyone. So I try to aspire to be like that."


Why did you start playing softball?

"I started playing because when I was little I wanted something to do. I started to love it and I got good at it … my dad coached me and it was just fun to do with my family."

What do you want to do after LCC?

"I want to be an industrial engineer, but where that takes me after this I don't really know. I'm interested in (moving on to play softball). It just kind of depends on how things play out."


What is your most memorable moment playing softball?

"My senior year when my team won the first-ever district (title) that our school ever won."


What are your hobbies outside of sports?

"I really like superhero movies. I watch those a lot. I'm really a Marvel person."


What is your pregame routine?

"This season I started doing … 10 push-ups before every game."