Women struggle on boards in loss

Women struggle on boards in loss

By Brodee Gillam

Sports Editor

After only having six players available against Grand Rapids CC on Feb. 10, the Stars had two of their starters back in the 83-77 home loss against Muskegon CC on Feb. 14.

The LCC women's basketball team played well in most areas against MCC. The team only turned the ball over 10 times, had 17 assists and made 12 threes.

But the Jayhawks had the better player that game. Muskegon's Delaney Bolles scored 38 points and 15 rebounds and caused issues on the boards for the Stars all night.

LCC Head Coach Layne Ingram said no matter who the Stars are playing, grabbing boards is about trying hard.

"At the end of the day, rebounding is all about effort," Ingram said. "Our girls have to be tough enough, smart enough and strong enough to play with that effort.

"That's the bottom line. It doesn't matter how big you are because you can box out and get the ball."

LCC sophomore Lindsey Crim, who had a good overall game with 13 points, five rebounds and eight assists, gave some insight into how she gets her teammates open.

"I would try to get my girl to guard me and maybe (sophomore) Kelsey (Finch)'s too and then I'd screen her off.Then Kelsey would go the opposite way and then I'd pass her the ball," Crim said. "I try to get more people to guard me because we are really good at driving and kicking because we can shoot well."

Ingram said sophomore Sarah Schultz, who scored 25 points and made four threes, has continued to improve throughout the season because of her work ethic in practice.

"Sarah played incredible tonight," Ingram said. "She got in foul trouble early and that hurt us but Sarah was incredible. She was doing all the things that she's really good at.

"At practice, she works the hardest. She wins every sprint. When we're doing drills she goes game speed every single time. … At the end of the day, Sarah works hard. And when you practice game speed, when it's time to play in the game, you're going to actually be able to do that stuff in the game.

The Stars next home game is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 21 against Lake Michigan College at 7:30 p.m.