Volleyball team looks to start new streak

Volleyball team looks to start new streak

By Brodee Gillam

Sports Editor


Back to square one.


The LCC volleyball Stars' record stood at .500 after the loss to Kellogg Community College on Oct. 3, with a 10-10 overall and 4-8 mark in the MCCAA West.


Stars Head Coach Emily Quintero said despite the losses, the squad is itself figuring out.


"I think over the last two weeks we've discovered what clicks and what really works," Quintero said. "So we just need to continue to execute and think positive and it'll get us there."


Freshman Hannah Whiteman, who had 382 digs through the first 18 matches, said chemistry is another crucial factor in reenergizing this team.


"We really have to focus on the team aspect and working together to kind of get through this challenging time," Whiteman said. "Really our biggest issue is just working together as a team. We have all the parts, everyone's doing their individual jobs but we're just not doing them together."


Moving forward, Quintero said putting the ball down consistently is the most important flip to switch. Quintero said the coaches need to maintain what they are doing to strengthen the players' mental toughness.


"Just continue to build them up and let them know that the coaching staff has the utmost confidence in them to be successful," Quintero said. "For them to not get too comfortable in their box, to really play outside that box and that's when the greatness happens."


Whiteman said the trip to the CVCC Invitational in Hickory, N.C. Oct. 6 through 8 should help the team's chemistry for the last stretch of the regular season.


"I think it will be very beneficial to have everyone together and spending time and having fun outside of playing volleyball," Whiteman said. "I know that can cause some conflicts, especially with people playing the same position.


"I know that having that (connection) outside of volleyball and just enjoying people for their person, not just a player on a team, will be helpful."