Men looking to Improve offense

Men looking to Improve offense

By Maddie Toles

Sports Editor

The LCC men's basketball team suffered a 91-68 loss to Parkland College on Saturday, Nov. 10 in the Gannon Gym.

Sophomore JaMyrin Jackson scored 23 of the points for the Stars. Sophomore Donquall Jackson contributed 19 points for LCC.


The men are coming off two weeks with no games, and LCC Head Coach Mike Ingram said he has been taking the time to focus on some key things in practice.


"I'm trying to convince the guys that if they want to score a lot of points, they're going to have to run some offense," Ingram said. "In the two games we've lost, our execution was poor and I think it cost us."


Ingram said that offense should be a strong point for the men, but it has to come from running offense instead of just shooting.


"We need to pass the ball a little bit better to the open players; we tend to dribble a little too much," Ingram said. "I don't think our good shooters are getting open shots."


Ingram said he wants to reevaluate the rotation of team members on the bench, and that he will be looking to put more players on the court in the upcoming games. The players are in good physical health, and Ingram still has a positive outlook on the season.


The next six games will be particularly tough for LCC, as they will face some of the highest-ranked teams on their schedule.


"We're going to have to grow up really fast," Ingram said. "I think we've got a chance. We could win them all, or we could lose them all if we don't get it together. I'll be trying to win them."


The Stars' next home game will be against Delta College on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gannon Gym.