Haviland seeks records in both sports, school

Haviland seeks records in both sports, school

By Julie Newell
Sports/Photo Editor

The Lookout Sports Editor Julie Newell recently talked with cross country runner Dillan Haviland. The LCC sophomore is studying audio engineering at Lansing Community College.

How long have you been running cross country?

"Since my sophomore year of high school."

What made you start running cross country?

"It was actually a big peer pressuring thing. There was a lot of my buddies in track … originally I played football … but they were like 'just come train with us this summer' so I did and we all progressively got better and better and ended up just loving it."

Why do you love cross country?

"A big part of it is just the team, the environment … just being with people who are so much fun to be with every day."

What famous athlete inspires you the most?

"I don't really have a famous athlete that I look up to. God is a big motivation for me … everything that you put out there on the field should all just be given back to Him."

Do you have any embarrassing moments in your career?

"I have many. Definitely throwing up after races is a big one."

What struggles do you face as a cross country runner?

"There is a lot of struggle. One is your body struggles to handle pain, and also struggling with different concepts of time … you have to find a balance between doing all of your activities."

What are your goals or expectations for the season?

"My goal is to run in the 24s for the 8K and beat the school record for the 8K."

What are your future cross country and life plans?

"I want to be a famous producer/artist for music and to just have fun while I'm doing it."