Lady Star hoopers have a bunch of new names and play well

Lady Star hoopers have a bunch of new names and play well

By Maddie Toles
Sports Editor

The women's basketball team is beginning its season with a total roster of nine players. LCC Second-year Head Coach Layne Ingram wants LCC students to know that if they missed tryouts, there's still room on the team.

Returning players include Jacqulyn Kolnitys, Jaylynn Williams and Jessica Taylor. Ingram also said that he is confident these women will be able to lead the team as they come back for another season.

"With our sophomores, they're very good. They understand how we want to play," Ingram said. "They've gotten more confident, and they're very aggressive offensively."

Newcomers include freshmen Tana Wandabwa, Milecia Griffin, Celia Ridsdale, Tanaesha Daniels and Gracelyn Hull.

Ingram said that Ridsdale is a great addition to the team and has brought the fire that it needs. As for the rest of the freshmen, Ingram said they don't know how good they can be yet.

Ingram said his newcomers are really great athletes, and he is excited to see how both the freshman and sophomores contribute to the team.

While still early in the season, Ingram is hopeful the Stars will be the hardest competition for the rest of the teams in the conference.

"Last year, we were within two or three points off the top three teams in the league and leading in most of those games," Ingram said.

As for the season outlook, Ingram said he feels hopeful.

"If people come and do their jobs and play their roles, then we will win more than lose," Ingram said. "I'm hoping that each game we get better, we get tougher, we get stronger."

The Stars were scheduled to play Saturday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. in the Gannon Gym.