Basketball a family sport for Ridsdale

Basketball a family sport for Ridsdale

The Lookout Associate Editor Sarah Barney recently spoke with freshman Celia Ridsdale from the LCC women's basketball team. Ridsdale graduated from Grand Ledge High School and currently plays for LCC as point guard.


When and why did you start playing basketball?

"I started playing basketball in third grade. My mom met my dad when I was about 4 and he came from a basketball family. Him and his dad, my grandpa, worked on my game until I was at the level where I should have been working with someone at the next level. The rest is history! Those two are two of my greatest heroes in life. Without them I wouldn't love basketball like I do."


What do you like about playing basketball?

"I like to work hard. I think my favorite is the friendships you make. My closest friends are from playing basketball."


What's your favorite memory from playing basketball?

"(My) favorite moment is when my (Amateur Athletic Union) team won the state championship in sixth grade. My dad was the coach and I don't think I have ever seen him happier. I'll never forget that moment."


What's your most embarrassing moment from playing basketball?

"(My) most embarrassing moment was in eighth grade. My team won the (tip-off) and I got the ball and completely went to the wrong basket. I didn't shoot it or anything, but it was so embarrassing being that old and not knowing what the heck I was doing."


What are your plans after LCC? Will you continue to play?

"I'm not 100 percent sure what I'm doing after LCC. I would probably play basketball until I'm 50 if I could! If I decide I don't want to continue basketball, I'm going to go to Michigan State to continue school and then head to med school to finish my career and be a psychiatrist."


Do you have any basketball role models you look up to? Why?

"When it comes to basketball, I have a ton of role models I look up to; (the) top two being my dad and grandpa. I also look up to my old basketball coach Beth Perez. Amazing lady. When I become a basketball coach I hope to be as good as she is. Lastly, I look up an old teammate of mine, Makenzie Todd. Although she's a year younger than me, she's an outstanding ball player. My senior year I was so determined to be as good as her. We became super close friends and she really helped me have a great senior season."