Women top Glen Oaks to snap losing skid

Women top Glen Oaks to snap losing skid

By Maddie Toles
Sports Editor

The LCC women's basketball team broke its five-game losing streak on Jan. 19 against Glen Oaks Community College with a 73-66 win.

Sophomore Jessica Taylor led LCC with 31 points. Sophomore Jaylynn Williams added 17.

The win improved LCC's record to 5-12 overall, and to 1-5 in the conference.

LCC Head Coach Layne Ingram said the win helped restore some of the team's confidence.

"We shot the ball well and played better as a team," Ingram said. "The sophomores really stepped (up), and specifically Jessi Taylor, who led us in scoring. We need to continue doing the little things and making sure that our effort exceeds that of our opponents."

Ingram also nodded to the sophomores for their gameplay as of late.

"I can't pinpoint one star because I want us all on the same page with one goal," Ingram said.

The team has struggled over the past few weeks due to multiple losses from injuries and other matters. Ingram said he wants to take precautions to prevent this from happening again.

"Basketball is a contact sport and there's going to be bumps and bruises," Ingram said. "For us, we have a great trainer named Mary who takes good care of the team and keeps me appraised of any potential situations.

"Our players get warmed up before practice and games so they don't tighten up or get a cramp. We are just maintaining and working to get better every day and every game."

Ingram said he is looking forward to the competitive games coming up, and feels confident that the Stars will do well.

The next scheduled home game is Saturday, Feb. 2 at 1 p.m. against Kalamazoo Valley Community College.