Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight

Sports Editor Maddie Toles recently spoke with LCC volleyball player Maya Ferland. The freshman spiker, who attended Laingsburg High School, has led the Stars in kills throughout the season.

What are your plans after LCC?

"If I go on to play volleyball, it will probably be (at) Ferris or Lake Rapids. If I don't want to play, I will probably go to MSU with a graphic design major."

What famous athlete inspires you the most?

"This sounds cliché, but I would say LeBron James. A lot of the athletes in the media today tend to have problems. LeBron is always clean, and never has any problems (in the media). If I wanted to be like a famous athlete, it would be like him.

Have there been any standout moments with your team so far this season?

"Definitely beating Grand Rapids. Every year they're good and there's always that subtle rivalry we have with them. So, beating them was awesome – it was so much fun."

What is your biggest volleyball-related goal?

"I would say playing for myself. As I have grown into the player I am today, I've had a lot of pressure put on me to satisfy every coach I've had; satisfy my parents, and satisfy my teammates. The one thing I've struggled to remember is to play for yourself. You're doing it because you love it, and I think it's always a goal of mine to remember why I'm here."

What has been your most embarrassing moment playing volleyball?

"In high school, I went to block a girl and she hit it through the net into my face. I went the rest of the tournament concussed, not knowing I was concussed. I had to turn around and own up to it; that I had just gotten hit pretty hard in the face. Getting hit in the face is inevitable in volleyball."