Long-time volleyball fan shows continuous support

Long-time volleyball fan shows continuous support

I recently sat down with one of LCC volleyball's biggest fans. Ben Wilkins, 72, has been coming to watch the team play for around 27 years.

He is a resident of west Lansing and makes the drive to come out and watch regularly. Wilkins has tried to make it to almost every home game in his time as a fan!

Many of the former players and coaches can't remember a time when Wilkins wasn't in the stands, cheering the Stars on.

Wilkins enjoys watching volleyball for many different schools around the area. He said volleyball is one of his favorite sports because of the fast-paced activity. That's what keeps him coming back.

Wilkins is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Later, he proceeded to take a few classes at LCC.

He is retired, and suffers from some health problems, but watching volleyball is one of his favorite hobbies.

"I like to read psychology books and I like to watch live sports on television," Wilkins said.

Wilkins not only just watches, he also made an effort to become an official for volleyball. He was, unfortunately, held back by two strokes.

His dedication and support are appreciated by all the players as well as the coaches. Stars Head Coach Emily Quintero said he had been attending games since she was a player at LCC.

If you attend one of the volleyball games, you might see Wilkins in the corner of the bleachers – his favorite spot! Be sure to say hi to this loyal fan!