Roe seeks to provide high energy for spikers

Roe seeks to provide high energy for spikers

Athlete Spotlight


The Lookout Sports Editor Julie Newell recently talked with volleyball player Harley Roe. A defensive specialist, Roe is a freshman at Lansing Community College.


How long have you been playing volleyball?

"(Since) the fourth grade."

What made you start playing volleyball and why?

"It's kind of funny. My next door neighbor – we were best friends since we were 2 months old – she talked me into it. (We) went to camp and (I) thought, 'this is kind of fun.' My first serve was over (the net) and I thought, 'Alright, I guess I kind of like this. I'm doing pretty good.' So I kind of just went from there."

Why do you love volleyball?

"I just love working as a team and having like a second family. It's nice to have people who have your back."

Have you had any embarrassing moments in your career?

"I went to pass a ball, I passed it with my eyes closed and went straight into the splits. That was (during) my junior year of high school."

What famous athlete inspires you the most?

"The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). He is always super positive; he is always working super hard. It's somebody you look up to, somebody you want to be and like mirror."

What struggles do you face as a volleyball player?

"Keeping high energy until the end."

What are your goals or expectations for this season?

"To go out as hard as possible; go for every single ball. (To) know when we leave the court we put everything out on the floor and that we don't regret anything and we just learn from mistake verses keep making them. We are going to go to districts, we are going to win districts and take this into the nationals."

What are your future volleyball and life plans?

"My future volleyball plan ... is to go out to another school, transfer out. I have a lot of backup plans. Hopefully end up down in … the south. (For) business, my uncle works at Striker, so I'm going to either get an internship at Striker or do an internship through Two Men and a Truck and work my way up there."