Drew Cantrell leads baseball team’s offense

Drew Cantrell leads baseball team’s offense

The Lookout Sports Editor Brodee Gillam recently spoke with LCC sophomore infielder Drew Cantrell. The Gladwin High School graduate has a .367 batting average and 20 RBIs through 31 games played.


What athlete inspires you the most?

"Definitely my dad. He played baseball at Grand Valley for four years. Just the dedication and the hard work he had, he put into me. He taught me how to play baseball the right way and play hard."


Why did you start playing baseball?

"I think it's just something our family has done. We're a baseball family for sure. Growing up I loved to play it and I enjoy every minute of it."

What do you want to do after LCC?

"I'm sure if the right opportunity comes, I'll move on and play somewhere else. I plan on going into business, either finance or accounting."


What is your most memorable moment playing baseball?

"I think it would have to be making it to the World Series last year; winning regionals and being so close to winning last year. The plan is to for sure win this year."


What are your hobbies outside of sports?

"We have a cabin on Wiggins Lake which is … in Gladwin. I love being out on the water and (I'm) a big outdoorsman, so hunting and fishing and all that kind of stuff."